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I have provided a pest control service for farmers around the north yorkshire and durham area for many years, primarily rabbit, fox and wood pigeon which are the main pest species, the farm’s benefit from efficient vermin control and all the holdings have seen increased crop yield and a reduction in numbers and damage from rabbit and pigeons, everyone wants to minimise lost profit, especially with the current economic climate, crop protection should be top of your agenda .

Trapped Rabbits

Emptying Rabbit Traps

Most farms have rabbit problems, the main ways I reduce numbers on arable farms  is night shooting year round, as numbers reduce and certain farm area’s become harder to access, I’ll utilise ferrets to clear specific area’s especially them hidden hedgerows and gutters that get left, larger warrens I normally use legal traps to clear them at the heart of the problem area and also various types of legal snares dependant on the land owners requirements. Other options I’ve used are fitted drop traps, for rabbit proof fencing and night vision to target a problem area if the other methods prove not so efficient due to being over lamped or others educating the problem animals. Rabbits need to be kept on top of year round to reduce the numbers sufficiently, especially prior to spring when the population rapidly increases due to breeding activity, your average sunday hobby shooter doesn’t even touch a real pest problem.

One Nights Lamping

A Nights Work 150+ Rabbits

My normal control methods for rabbits on farm land, will vary depending on the landowners requirements. I’m covered using full BASC insurance for all livestock, land and property.

Adjacent image shows one nights rabbit control, over 1000 rabbits were taken from this dairy farm over a month period, reducing and controlling numbers. Over the course of a year I account for many thousands of rabbits across different land and crop types.

Another major agricultural pest the wood pigeon, can cause massive damage primarily to rape crops, I control these monitoring flightlines, roost woods and feeding patterns, then decoying using various equipment and decoys. I also utilise moderated shotguns for built up areas and locations with horses adjacent that may be too close for normal gun shot. All of this helps in the prevention of serious crop damage and further financial losses.

Wood Pigeons
The Pigeon Menace

Primary Methods

  • Shooting (Silenced Rifle – Minimal Disturbance)
  • Trapping
  • Ferreting
  • Longnetting

I also control foxes on various free range chicken units and shoots, whch benefit from reduced hen and gamebird losses through predation, on some farms I’ve seen in excess of 100 hens killed over night.

Goose Predation

Goose Predation Resolved

Any farmers with any of the above vermin problems, please contact me via the contact form on the site for free pest control of the above species within Durham, Cleveland and North Yorkshire Counties..

Rabbits, Fox and Wood Pigeon Control

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